Apr 27, 2016
7 Life Lessons From The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

7 Life Lessons From The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.




Many people came into the world to participate in a myriad of events and then died without meaningful impacts traceable to their mundane existence. Some others came to create events that would forever etch in the annals of history. The latter continue to arouse the interest of the world years after they have gone. They become beckon of hopes and inspirations to the world they left behind.



Such was the life of the great history maker, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Born on January 15, 1929, to Rev’d Micheal King and his wife Alberta, Luther was born into the ugly shadow of segregation. Though the kings loved their handsome boy, they were sad that he had to be born into a society that would treat him as second class citizen.

King had an experience at 6 that forever made an impact for the rest of his life. Martin had gone to visit his friend after school, but the father of his friend wouldn’t allow King to see him. Exasperated, Luther asked, “Why Not?” The man responded grimly, “Because you’re black and he’s white” and slammed the door. Luther went home to relate the incidence to his Mum, who told him, “See, son, no matter what the rest of the world says, you’re as good as anyone else”

Luther, from then, would live with a vision, a dominating desire to stop segregation in the Continent of America. A vision was born in his heart, he began to study and at 14, Martin Luther King had become an intellectual Monster! Upon graduation at the top of his class at the University of Boston, Luther decided to go back home with his new found love, Coretta Scott with one purpose in mind: to fight for the freedom of himself and his people. Luther King never expected to be a leader. All he wanted was for black people like him to be treated fairly in America. But what began as a small protest soon became a revolution.


I have taken my time to learn from the life history of Dr Martin Luther King Jr., here are  the 7 Life Lessons gleaned from the life of this amazing legend




                 1. Intelligence has no colour.

Luther led his class at the Crozer Seminary, a mixed school for both black and white students. It was a great opportunity for  King to prove that a black student could achieve as much as anybody else. Black doesn’t spell D.a.r.k and intelligence has no respect for colour.

Today, we have seen similar examples from the life of Dr. Ben Carson, a black American who at the young age of 35 became the director of Pediatric neuro    surgery at the popular Johns Hopkins Hospital. The lesson here is evident, if you take the time to develop your intelligence, you can rise above any situation in life   ,  no matter the condition of your birth or the colour of your skin.


                             2. Live with A dream.



Though Dr Martin Luther delivered his famous speech ” I have a Dream” on August 28, 1963, in the presence of 250,000 protesters, he had lived with that dream since he was 6. Luther lived with a dream that he would one day see, “The sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners sit together at the table of brotherhood…that his four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

This was the vision that burnt in the heart of Luther day and night. This dream made him study harder than his colleagues and influenced his choice of vocation as a Clergyman. Today, America lives in the Light of his dream. His dream has become a reality. Dreamers have been the saviour of the world. If you have a dream in your heart and you allow it to become an obsession there is no telling what legacy your life can leave behind.



                 3. A Passionate Desire For A Change.


Luther wanted a change. He wanted it so badly. Many people had come before Luther who saw the problem and did nothing. However, King saw the problem, felt the pain and promised himself to do something about it even if it took the last breath in his nostril. In fact, Luther was willing to let go of his romantic relationship with Coretta if she wasn’t willing to follow him to Montgomery to fight for the dream of his heart. To Luther, “It’s either freedom or death.”

Change doesn’t occur on the platter of gold, it takes commitment, determination and a degree of stubbornness for things to change. 



             4. Small victory births bigger victories.



Nobody expected the small protest that began in the early hour of December 1st, 1955 when Rosa Parks had refused to vacate her seat for a white man in Montgomery to turn to a phenomenon that would spread across the country.

 Inspired by the Court order that segregation on buses was illegal, Luther took the protest to

Birmingham, a city known to be the heart of unfair treatment of the black. He fought, he was arrested and jailed. At the end, he won! Later, Luther took the struggle to Alabama and fought for the right of the black to vote and be voted for and also won. On August 28th, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed an act removing restrictions on black voting rights.

Here is the lesson: Major success is an accumulation of little successes. If you start you will generate the energy needed to continue. Movement creates momentum. Things will move, when you move. Every great thing started small. A change can begin with you where you are today.



           5. The Value of Great Companionship.



Dr. Luther surrounded himself with great friends. From his wife Coretta, who he said possessed “Character, intelligence, personality and beauty” to E.D Nixon one of his closest friends, King selected carefully friends who had the same values, passion and drive like himself. For instance, the idea to boycott  the buses in Montgomery was suggested by his friend, Nixon and throughout his life Luther would value and sought the counsel of his wife and of his great friends .

Your friends create your influence. Your association determines your assimilation. Your destiny can be marred or made by the choice of friends you made. Nobody succeeds in isolation. If you want to do great things, then look for great friends.


                6. Fight for your Freedom.


Freedom is worth the fight. Don’t put up with oppression, go for freedom at all cost. If you need today mental, financial, physical, emotional, psychological or marital freedom, stand up and fight. You can’t change what you are unwilling to confront. At the end, the prize of freedom far outweighs the comfort of slavery. Luther did exactly that. He fought for the freedom of the black. He knew they deserved

felix duyilemi



               7. Leave the World better than you Met it.


Luther was born into  the  world where he and his people were considered second class citizens. They were forced to drink from separate fountains, attend separate schools, banned from restaurants, made to stand up on buses and even had to step into the gutter when white people passed them on the street. But Martin changed it! When he left the world on April 4, 1968,black people could eat where they wished, sit where they wished and walked where they wished. Few years ago, a black American became the President of the United States of America!
Luther’s dream has been fulfilled! The world is glad Luther came. In 1983, US Congress established the third Monday of every January as ‘Martin Luther King Day’, confirming him as one of America’s greatest  leaders ever.

One day, your life on earth will be over, what legacy will you leave  behind? Hope you answer that question.

Let me leave you with this from Dr. Martin Luther King:






About the Author

Felix A. Duyilemi is a Greatness and Leadership Coach who specializes in helping people create extraordinary results by becoming aware of their infinite potential. He is the creator of the 1000X Results Coaching Program, a Coaching Program designed to skyrocket your results.

Felix A. Duyilemi has written over 15 books and given more than  5000 talks on subjects ranging from Success Ideation, Mindset, Leadership, and Potential Maximization. His latest book is “How to Monetize Your Brain.”


When he’s not learning, coaching, or speaking, he’s at home enjoying the company of his amazing family!

Reach him at [email protected]


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Apr 6, 2016
Wonders of Providence!By Felix Duyilemi

A man was on his way to work when he saw his friend at the bus-stop, he alighted to greet his old time friend. They embraced. No time for camaraderie, it was early in the morning. He was going to resume at work, his friend was going for an interview. The issue was his friend had been at the bus-stop for too long, he was almost late for the interview. He needed this job having waited for it for 5years. He would have loved to give him a ride but they were heading in opposite directions. He had a job, his friend needed a job. So he decided to give his car to his friend while he boarded a cab to his work place.


The guy arrived at the interview just at the nick of time. The interview went well and was immediately offered the job. He was elated and immediately shared the good news with his friend. He asked him his whereabouts so that he could return his car.


On his way he saw a friend of his whose car had developed a fault by the road side with his heavily pregnant wife, apparently they were on their way to the hospital. He(the stranded friend) was happy to see his old time and assumed God must have brought him to rescue them from this predicament. The condition of the woman required urgent medical attention, as he was making his mind to take them to the hospital, his phone rang and the company that had just offered him a job called him to come back immediately to sign an important document.



The guy was at dilemma. He wanted to help, but now he just received a call to come back, and besides, the car doesn’t belong to him. But this woman needed urgent attention. Things were happening too fast, moved by the pain of his friend’s wife he decided to release the car. He had no time to tell his friend that he borrowed the car from a friend.


They got to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that the woman was due for delivery. And if they didn’t arrive on time the woman would have developed some complications. He paced up and down the aisle of the hospital as the woman was whisked to the delivery room. About an hour later, the good news came, his wife had delivered of a bouncing baby boy, their first child. He was overwhelmed with joy, in the midst of the euphoria he forgot that he had borrowed his friend’s car.

Meanwhile, the other guy had signed the document and was about calling his friend(whose wife had just put to bed) when he realized that he didn’t have his number on his new phone.

It was getting late, the friend who owned the car called his friend to know his whereabouts,but he was speechless. He summoned up courage to explain what happened to him. “So where his your friend now” He asked. “Honestly, I don’t know, I thought I have his phone number on my new phone but I couldn’t find it” Replied pathetically.


After two hours, the father of the new born decided to call his friend but he was calling his old number he had with him. He couldn’t reach him. So he decided to drive back to the spot where they had met earlier. On his way, maybe, because of many things going through his mind, he broke the traffic rule. He didn’t stop when the red light was on.


Unfortunately, the police accosted him, all his pleas fell on their dead ears. They asked him to follow them to the station in his car. However, on their way to the station, they ran into an accident scene, it was a serious but not fatal accident. The police decided to help. They quickly parked the victims into the car and headed for the hospital.


Incidentally, the hospital they moved the accident victims to was the hospital the man’s wife had put to bed a couple of hours ago. It was there the police found out that the man had told them the truth that his wife had just been put to bed. They left the victims to the care of the doctors and also left the poor man go to attend to his wife.


It was now getting late, all efforts to reach him by the friend who gave him the borrowed car had proved abortive. He lamented to have borrowed a friend a car a friend borrowed him. He was also thinking that the friend who borrowed him a car might lose confidence in him…thoughts and more thoughts bombarded his weary soul.


Meanwhile, his friend was also worried. The day had been hard on him already but for the joy of a new born. He decided to drive back to the spot where his car had developed a fault again and quietly prayed that nothing would go wrong on the way. However, on his way…


He saw a young girl in a school uniform crying beside the road. He was moved to see such a beautiful girl by the road side all by herself. He decided to help though that might land him into another trouble. He stopped and walked up to the young girl to find out what the problem was. “Daddy, Mum, I can’t find them. They didn’t come to pick me after school”


The girl who had waited for her parents to come and pick her after school like they usually did, had decided to walk home by herself. Now she has missed the road.


“Where is your house?” The man asked. “6, Favour Crescent” the poor girl replied. Luckily for the girl, the man had a friend around Favour Crescent. So, he decided to drive the girl home. While driving the girl home, the doctor called that they needed his attention in the hospital immediately.

“Ha” the man sighed.” My little friend my wife had just put to bed today the doctor needs my attention immediately at the hospital, once I see him I will drive you home ok. Please don’t cry you will be fine. Ok.” he told the young girl

Things would have gone fine, but the parents of the missing girl had reported the case at the police station and the picture of the girl had been displayed at the 5′ O clock evening news. The police were out at the various check points. This man was not so lucky, he ran into one of the police men who asked him to stop. “Are you the father of this girl?” The police man asked. “No I…I…” Before he could complete the sentence, the police man had entered into the car and asked him to turn to their station.


Hmmmm… his wife was in the hospital and he thought of the borrowed car and now he’s been accused of kidnapping a girl.


“Prayer works” He remembered that his Pastor usually said that before beginning his sermon. So, he bowed his head and whisper “Dear Lord turn this for your glory. Bring me out of this” That was the only words he could utter when the police man in the car received a phone call “Yes, I have arrested the culprit and we are on our way to the station”
“Me a culprit, oh Lord, bring me out of this” he soliloquized.



On getting to the station, the parents of the girl had already arrived at the station. The first thing the father of the girl noticed was that the Car coming into the station was the car he has been looking for! My car! My car! He shouted as the car moved to the parking lot. The young girl could recognize the voice of her Dad and she too was shouting “Dad! Dad! Dad!”


The man didn’t know what was going on, “My car! My car! My Dad! My Dad!”


The police was about taking the accused man to the counter when the friend who borrowed him the car walked into the station because his friend had informed him of the latest development of the missing girl. He was surprised to see his friend at the station, “Where his your wife, what are you doing here?”
“It’s a long story buddy” he replied.


It was obvious now to the man who owned the car that the friend his friend borrowed his car was the one the police had arrested…


Mr police, please let him go. The guy looked at his friend and said “My missing car had returned my missing daughter. I learnt today that a day committed into the hand of God can go “rough” but will never go wrong”



About the Author

Felix A. Duyilemi is a Greatness and Leadership Coach who specializes in helping people create extraordinary results by becoming aware of their infinite potential. He is the creator of  1000X Results Coaching Program, a Coaching Program designed to skyrocket your results.


Felix A. Duyilemi has written over 15 books and giving more than  5000 talks on subjects ranging from Success Ideation, Mindset, Leadership and Potential Maximization. His latest book is “How to Monetize Your Brain.”


When he’s not learning, or coaching or speaking, he’s at home enjoying the company of his amazing family!

Reach him at [email protected]







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Apr 1, 2016
From Kitchenette to the World- Albert Femi Oduwole.

University of Success

Meet our GUEST OF THE MONTh. His name is Dr. Albert Femi Oduwole, perhaps you have read one of his books, see him on TV or listen to him on Radio or attend any of his high impact seminars. He’s a versatile Author, Mentor, media personality, consultant to fortune 500 companies and the founding Pastor The TRIUMPHANT ASSEMBLY.

We are glad to have him  here and to glean from his well of wisdom principles that separate high achievers from the rest of men. In this interview, he shared on Vision, Mentoring and Life. Enjoy it.


Can I meet you Sir?

I am Albert Femi Oduwole , a mentor, versatile author, media personality, minister and life coach. 


I am happily married to Olateju Aramide, a Chemical Engineer cum Human resource Manager and together we preside over WORD ABLAZE MISSION INTERNATIONAL a multifaceted mission comprising of an international outreach ministry, training centers, publishing outfit, Media Corporation and THE TRIUMPHANT ASSEMBLY,  a fast growing network of churches. 


I am also the CEO of “get inspired inc.” a peak performance consulting incorporation.

I travel the world speaking at civil, corporate & Christian organizations. I oversee many organizations worldwide. 


You are a man of vision Sir, how would you define Vision?

In one of my books titled RUNNING WITH A VISION I wrote 

“One of my favourite definitions of vision is the one given by George Barna. He says, “Vision is a foresight based on an insight with the benefit of hindsight”.

Foresight, Insight and Hindsight.

Foresight comes from two main words, “(be) fore” and “sight”.  This implies that foresight is what you see before others. If vision is a foresight, then it is that glimpse of your life from God that you see before others. Imagination cannot work properly without memoryFrom Kitchenette to the World- Albert Femi Oduwole. Click To Tweet


Now, insight too comes from two words, “in (side)” and “sight”. This means that vision is not what you see with your physical (outside) eyes. No! It is what you see with your inward eyes. Of course, that automatically makes it impossible for others to see it; therefore, only he that can see the invisible can do the impossible.

Hindsight also is a combination of the two words “(be) hind” and “sight”. What is the benefit of hindsight? Although it takes your heart to receive a vision, it takes your mind to analyse and digest it. Now your mind is made up of two compartments- memory and imagination. Your memory replays the past, while your imagination pre plays the future. In light of this revelation, imagination is for “foresight” while memory is for “hindsight”.

Imagination cannot work properly without memory”



Your ministry, The Triumphant Church, has been a great blessing to many people around the world, how did you start Sir?


I remember during our 12th anniversary as a ministry (we will be 20 this year) severally print and air media celebrated with us. There’s this one that caught my attention and here’s my reaction as recorded in my book UNLOCKING POWER FOR EXPLOITS



Read the bold headlines. It got me thinking about how I started out in ministry twelve years ago. A kitchenette for an office; a congregation of twelve [actually twelve and a half. Yes, half. The supposed half guy represented half a presence since he would always spend the entire service sleeping! So the dilemma was, should we count him in or not? We finally chose to count him as half!] Of the twelve, two were university graduates, one was a Youth Corper [my fiancée then and now my wife]; few were undergraduates-including me, the ‘president and founder’; the rest were secondary school students. We really looked like the pitiable team of David in the cave of Adullam (1 Sam 22:2), or Jephthah’s gang of vain men (Judges 11:1-3).

We had neither musical instruments nor a good public address system except for an F.M microphone that worked with the frequency of a radio system-the only problem was, none of us had a radio set big enough, so we had to borrow from the Falodes.


None of us had a bicycle, let alone a car. No money, but we had a mission. No financier, but we had faith. No crowd, but we had the cloud of glory. No electric power generator, rather divine power demonstrations! No glass pulpit, yet we pulled men out of the pit. Most people thought we had no chance of survival, but we had a choice.

We were mocked, jeered at, misunderstood, misrepresented…that was then…but now, twelve thriving churches, many international outreaches, twelve fast selling books, television and radio ministries, a school of ministry with graduates in various parts of the world, and so on, have made ours  a ministry recognized nationally and internationally for exploits and integrity.


What are the challenges that come with running with a vision?


Challenges are normal to life. No challenges no championship. Only people going upwards experience resistance. Though what makes some to break makes some others to break records. 

Challenges are normal to life. No challenges no championship. Only people going upwards experience resistance. Though what makes some to break makes some others to break records. Click To Tweet

So if you are running with a vision you will have many challenges 

Have you had any? If yes, what are your coping strategies?


I have had more than my share of challenges just like every achiever. My coping mechanisms remain

God and His grace 

Vital and Godly relationships. 

Keeping my eyes on God not on oppositions because if you mind opposition you might lose your position. 


Thank you Sir, what are tools/skills to get a vision running successfully?

1. ​Learn to think

One common thing among achievers, no matter their color, age, background and profession is that they have learnt to think. Only great thinkers make good leaders.    A man of God once said, “lf you fail to think, you will stink”. It is my belief that breakthrough is a product of “pray through” and “think through”.

A believer should by far be a better thinker than an unbeliever because he has the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2: 16), the best of all minds. This gives the believer spiritual sense, which is the superior sense that produces superior results. If you operate only on the level of common sense, all you’ll get are common results.

I mean the easiest way to contact an active mentality is by the way of

active Christianity and you will soon discover that there is no hopeless situation, only men that think hopelessly.

2. ​Learn to Increase in faith

The late Archbishop Benson Idahosa once said, “when you take from a man his wealth, you have hindered him, but when you take from him his faith, you have stopped him”. Such is the power of faith. “Any man can be ordinary, but only a man of faith can be extraordinary”, said Smith Wigglesworth, a father of faith himself.

Though the Bible says that God has given to every man a measure of faith (Rom. 12:3), yet it is your responsibility to increase it, for faith that is not absolute is impotent. Your source will be your sustenance, and the same thing goes for faith.

“Faith cometh by hearing and hearing … ” (Rom. 10: 17), and that is how it grows too. Strong faith is a must for your vision to be fulfilled. I have learnt to faith my faith and to doubt my doubt for I discovered that doubt has no benefit, and so I never give the benefit of doubt!


So run to the Word and grow in faith. No wonder, it is said that if you will not allow the Word to raise you, you’ll soon be erased from the world.


3. ​Learn to keep on keeping on

No matter the situation, battle or struggle, learn to stay put and not give up. The pressure might be much, but you need to remember that if you dodge the pressure, you will miss the prize because it takes your sweat to eat the sweet of victory. Make up your mind never to give up but to hold on.

H. E. Jansen once said, “The man who wins must have been counted out many times but he didn’t hear the referee”. Be informed that the road to

success is dotted with many tempting parking places. Don’t be caught!




In your opinion Sir, why do vision(s) fail?

VISIONS NEVER FAIL, VISIONEERS DO. Allow me to quote once again from my book RUNNING WITH A VISION

1. ​Wrong Association

1 Corinthians 15:33:

“Do not be deceived and misled! Evil companionship, (communion, associations) corrupt and deprave good manners and morals and character” (AMP).


Indeed, your vision cannot be fulfilled alone, as isolation is the beginning of desolation. Yet like John H. Mason said, “I’d rather be alone than be in the wrong company”. Let me add this: You don’t need to know everybody but only the right people to succeed. Some have mistaken popularity for priority and thus have ended up in the pit. Remember that, “… He that walks with the foolish shall be destroyed” (Prov. 13:20). Don’t just walk with anybody. Your friends determine your end. You have a choice. Friendship is by choice and not by force.


2. ​Sins and weights

Paul said in Hebrews 12: 1 “… we should throw off every weight and the sin that so easily entangles us and hinders us from running with the vision” (paraphrased). We are meant to leave our mark in the world, not have the world leave its mark on us. It’s better to get rid of all sins and weights that can destroy us; though intellect can get us to the top, only integrity will keep us there. You have to clean up to climb up. Don’t give an excuse for sin because the sin you excuse today will expose you tomorrow! Beware!

Also, be careful not to glory in the fall of anyone, for he that glories in the downfall of another will soon fall from glory (himself).

3. ​Lack of a winning attitude

Some people’s greatest enemy is the man between their ears, or the man they see every time they look into the mirror. The reason is that they lack a winning attitude and as the saying goes, it is your attitude that dictates your altitude.

Some Christian folks are just slothful in business. I love the way Romans 12:11 puts it: “not slothful in business… “

Slothfulness is terrible. It paralyses initiative. Somebody once said that good resolutions are like babies crying in the church, they must be carried out immediately!

All some believers do is complaining, but the more you complain, the less you obtain: and don’t tell me your situation is hopeless for there are no hopeless situations, only men that think hopelessly.

Some folks just refuse to do anything. They forget that the word “triumph” is just “umph” added to “try”.

You cannot be successful until you have tried to do something. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Somebody said that the secret of success is to start from the scratch and keep scratching. Don’t be scared of taking risks because it is risky not to take a risk. As a man of God put it, there are many ways to become a failure but not taking chances is the surest. Even if you have failed before, don’t worry, keep on keeping on. In the long run you’ll discover that it pays. You don’t stop trying because you have failed, but you’ll fail if you stop trying.

4. ​Past Victories

Apostle Paul said. .. …I forget the past (the victory, glory, honour; et al) and I press forward… (Phil. 3:13). Some people have allowed past victories to disturb their vision. Success is sometimes the enemy of progress; therefore don’t let your better disturb your best. Make the victories of the past your launching pad and not your lounging chair. I love this statement of Thomas Jefferson: ‘I love the dreams of the future more than the victories of the past ‘. You need to move from hindsight to foresight.

5. ​Past failures

Let me state outright that champions are not those who never fail but those who never quit. Everyone fails but only the great ones bounce back, because it takes guts to leave the ruts. Failure is meant to be a bridge not a barricade to your future. Don’t let your mistakes become memorials. They should be cremated not embalmed or else you’ll poison your future with the pains of the past. Don’t even bother making an explanation for past failures as it takes less time to do something right than to explain why it was done wrong. I have made up my mind to live my life as an exclamation and not an explanation!

Lastly, remember that when you are down to nothing, God is up to something!

Many people who have great visions in life never get started because of fear, what is your counsel Sir?

Fear has been described as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. All men experience fear but many have succeeded in spite of it not in the absence of it. That’s why I love this quote 

‘Bravery is the ability to perform with courage, especially when scared half to death’.-General Omar Bradley




Rev’d Albert calls his wife “swift sixteen”

Albert & Teju Oduwole


What is your counsel to those who are finding it tough on their visions?


Are you on the verge of giving up? Is your dream fast becoming your doom, and your commission, your confusion?

Is this why you have decided that the dream is not realistic, and the vision not visible? Listen to me before you throw your dreams, ambitions, visions, etc, to the trash-can. God said I should say to you: don’t forego it but go for it!

You see when God give a sight He will also give the might. It does not matter what you have been through, or how tough it looks, make up your mind now not to forego it but to go for it. Remember that it is a matter of destiny and your destiny can only be refuted not relegated. It can only be contested, not castrated.


Winners never quit and quitters never win. The definition of a winner is a potential loser that persists and a failure a potential winner that quits. All it takes is a decision (success is a product of decision, not day dreaming) so go for it! There is a go in every gospel and two third of the word God is go. Go for it! There is nothing that can stop a determined mind, turn that scar to a star, turn that breach to a bridge (to success), turn that shame to fame.

You can decide to be a victor and not a victim. It is your choice. Though you may be knocked down today, just remember that you are not knocked out yet. Setbacks indeed pave way for comebacks. It is not over until it’s over; let’s go for it!

  You pursue your passion. You spend time and favor for what you value. The protégées business is to pursue the mentors and not the other way round. Elijah tried all he could to shake off Elisha. Jesus tried all he could to shake off the apostles but they said “where you go we shall go…” Approach mentors with a clear vision. Don’t seek what’s in there hands but what’s in there

 What role does mentoring play in translating a vision to reality?




Mentors deliver from tormentors and fathers give us feathers to fly further. Mentors because they know the way and had walked the way can show and help you walk the paths to actualization of your visions.


These days Sir, getting a mentor has become a hard job (maybe because they are very busy), how do young people with vision overcome this challenge?

You pursue your passion. You spend time and favor for what you value. The protégées business is to pursue the mentors and not the other way round. Elijah tried all he could to shake off Elisha. Jesus tried all he could to shake off the apostles but they said “where you go we shall go…” Approach mentors with a clear vision. Don’t seek what’s in there hands but what’s in there hearts. 




You are a successful minister of the Gospel Sir, what role(s) has your family played?

GENERALLY SPEAKING relationship is vital to every success especially family relationships 

“Isolation is the beginning of desolation. To live in isolation is inevitably to die in desolation”. Even Jesus, the pattern son called twelve men for this purpose. “…that they might be with Him”. This shows he realized the power in relationships.

Relationship is a boost not a barrier, a lift not a load; it is a bridge not a barricade into your future. Without vital divine associations, plans and purposes remain just that plans and purposes.

Proverbs. 27:17 in The Living Bible translation reads thus:

“A friendly discussion is as stimulating as the sparks that fly when iron strikes iron.” 


Your final words Sir

Keep on keeping on no matter what you meet on the way.

Thanks for your time Sir.

You are welcome.


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About the Author

Felix A. Duyilemi is the international best-selling author of “How To Borrow God’s Brain To Succeed” and other best-selling books

He helps businesses and individuals craft compelling stories, expand their concepts of possibilities, and dream bigger dreams. His vision is to impact at east 3 billion people for time and eternity

When he’s not learning new concepts, he’s speaking or writing. Reach him at [email protected]

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