Jan 31, 2016
5 Characteristics of A Dream


Everybody has a dream. A yearning. A desire. An aspiration. A dream can be defined as an expected desire of the future state. It’s a mental image of the person you will like to be or what you will like to have or do.

Every dream shares these five characteristics

1. Every dream is UNIQUE.

There is no inferior dream. No two persons have exactly the same dreams even if their dreams look alike; the interpretation of such dreams will be different.Your dream is unique, different and special from others. For instances, you may dream of becoming a great writer and when you consider a number of books already written by great writers, you may feel overwhelmed, thinking what difference will your books make.

However, the truth is no person has exact combination of your name. Nobody has exactly the same experiences or ideas as yours. Even if your book is carrying the same title with another writer and similarity of ideas, a careful reader can observe differences of thoughts, analysis, focus, inferences, application and structures.

You don’t have to be intimated by what others are doing because your dream is unique and special to you.

2.Every Dream Carries A Great Potential.

Like the biblical mustard seed that was the smallest among all others seeds but when a farmer planted it, it grew to become the tallest of all trees, so is the dream in your heart. Don’t underestimate the potential of your dream. Most people have been surprised at the impact of  their work which they initially considered to be insignificant.

For instance, the book "How to Win Friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie wasn’t expected to sell beyond few copies but to the surprise of the author the book went on to become a best-seller.

Several musicians and authors have expressed surprises on the popularity their work have gained among people. Such is the potential of a dream. The divine injunction to every dreamer is "Don’t despise the day of small beginning."

3.Every Dream Has In-built Success Potential.

We may ask what grows a seed, is it the soil, the farmer or the seed itself? The answer is all of the above. A seed needs someone to plant it(You have got to "plant" your  dream) a seed needs  soil to grow( You need to create a right atmosphere for your dream) and finally, a seed has life in itself to grow(in your dream lies the in-built success potential to succeed)

4. Every Dream Grows At Its Own Pace

You can’t hurry a seed to grow; every seed has its process of growth. Some seeds grow faster and mature earlier than others. So also are the gestation periods of different animals. Don’t compare your dreams with others; of course, you don’t expect to harvest at the same time if you have planted a coconut seed with someone who planted a groundnut seed.

5. Every Dream Has Its Own Challenges

No dream is totally free of challenges. In fact, you can’t grow a seed without covering with soil. The seed has got to fight against the weight of the soil. It can be said that difficulty makes a seed grow. Challenges are part of the process of the realization of a dream. If you have a dream, you will face challenges,and that is perfectly normal. The journey is Worthy of the travail if you are on the right route!

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One thought on “5 Characteristics of A Dream

  1. Great piece! The interpretation to your dreams lies in you interpreting
    the dreams of others.<br />
    More grace sir!

  2. Great piece! The interpretation to your dreams lies in you interpreting
    the dreams of others.<br />
    More grace sir!

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