Jan 27, 2016
Rise Above Your Fears.

Fear is number one reason a potential success ends up as a potent failure!
Fear limits. 
"I could have won, if not that I was afraid to try" is a common story.
God knows fear does no good, and in 365 places for 365 days He tells you, "fear not"
"I could have done it at 20, fear told me I was too young, and people wouldn’t take me serious because of my age"
"I waited till I was 30, fear told me I didn’t have enough experience to start"
"I waited till I was 40 to gather enough experience, fear told me, I shouldn’t try it because I might fail and showed me a lot of people who have tried it and "It didn’t work"
" I brace up at 60, fear told me I am nearing the retirement age, I should wait"
"I became determined at 70, fear told me now you are too old, the work is meant for younger people"
"Now at 90, I realize I could DO IT, but the doctor has warmed me not to go out"
"How silly I was to listen to fear all along"
Go after your dreams, rise above your fears, fulfill your mission on earth.

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