Jan 27, 2016

Keep Making Progress|
Efforts add up.

 Make a daily commitment to become better. There is always a room for self-improvement.
I have seen people who haven’t CHANGED in the last five years. They simply have repeated same experience for five times.They have grown older but not better!
Don’t live your life that way.
The difference between excellence and mediocrity is just an extra thought as a result of extra knowledge.
Don’t be an old dog that can’t learn new tricks.
Always stay open to new ideas.
Talent in its raw state has no commercial value, it has to be sharpened to become any commercial value.
Yet there are many uncultured talents that pass through our streets daily.
Through daily improvement,talent can become skill and skill can become competence!
Competence is talent in its final state.
There is always a place at the top to a man who is always thinking up, acting up and staying up.
Don’t forget that the enemy of best is ‘better.’
The next time we meet I want to see a man who has grown wise not old!

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