Jan 22, 2016

Participate In Life!
Life is not meant to be a TV watched on a screen. Life is meant to be lived, to be involved.And all of us have equal chances. N obody is overqualified, nobody is underqualified. We all have right to participate in life. Don’t live your life as though you had less right to live.
Get fully involved!
Put on your jersey, find your own number, locate your own field,start the game!
Don’t go consult others whether you are qualified or not, nobody has that verdict on you. In the game of life you decide to play and that is all.
It’s good to cheer, appreciate, applaud other players, but don’t be carried away to forget to play your own game.
Start the game, take the next pass, dribble your fears, doubts, restraints, constraints and take the ball to the goalpost!
Score some g-o-a-l-s!
Be actively involved in life;participate fully!
Don’t be intimidated by what others are doing, find out what you can do. Maybe you can’t call down fire like Elijah, you might be able to call forth water like Elisha! You may not be able to write like shakespeare maybe you can sing like Beethoven! There is SOMETHING you CAN do!
Find it out-give yourself to it.
I have resolved not to be a consumer but a producer, not to be an analyst but a player, not to be a commentator, but an initiator, not to be a critic but a creator! I am living this life; THIS ONE LIFE, consciously, intentionally, deliberately, whole-heartedly, radically and holistically!

Do more than existing, live!
Do more than talk, act!
Do more than wish, pray!
Do more receive, give!
Sing that song!
Take that course!
Write that book!
Don’t start looking for fans, be your own NUMBER ONE FAN!
Add enthusiasm to life, be contagious!
It’s In You!








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